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Hot power Yoga

Hot Power Yoga (Baptiste Style): a powerful and dynamic yoga class practiced in a heated room. This energising and powerful yoga flow class will massage and cleanse your organs, increasing your metabolic rate and improving your energy levels. It will tone your muscles, sculpt your body and flush out toxins. This practice is an evolving experience and a great way to detox.

The focus of my yoga is detoxing: cleansing and purifying the body to give you a total body rejuvenation. Toning the body from the outside and cleansing the organs on the inside as you give the organs fresh oxygenated blood and get rid of toxins. This leads to a cleansed, glowing and healthy body.

Holistic Yoga

Holistic Yoga: a flow yoga class that focusses in on stretching and toning the muscles and working on massaging the internal organs.  This practice will increase the metabolic rate getting rid of waste and toxins whilst giving the organs a massage and the immune system a healthy boost

The body has a fantastic detoxification system for eliminating waste and keeping it healthy. However, due to stress, unhealthy food intake and/or a lack of the right exercise; the body starts to accumulate waste and needs help to function properly again.

Team Building Yoga

A team building yoga session will connect and inspire all of those involved, bringing a closer relationship between colleagues, students and team members whilst also:
* Keeping everyone fit & healthy
* Improving participants confidence
* Creating increased harmony within your group
* Encouraging participants to feel relaxed and at ease in a group and to have lots of fun
If you would like to have a Team Building group session tailored to you then please contact me

Yoga for Athletes

I am a fully qualified yoga for athletes instructor.  All of the top athletes take yoga classes as part of their training.  Mobility & flexibility are key for success in the sporting world to ensure that you are performing at your best and don't sustain injuries.  Please contact me for further information.


Private tuition

I also offer private tuition in the comfort of your own home - please contact me for further details.

Instructional Videos

Have a look at my instructional videos on Vimeo with technique to form the basis of your yoga practice.



Have a look at the beautiful venue where I teach my classes on a Monday, Wednesday each week.

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Hot power yoga flow or holistic yoga flow, you decide which you would like to choose or come to both!

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Immerse yourself in the Wellness Hub to truly live the 'yoga lifestyle'. Retreats, holistic health and other useful resources.

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