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Hot Power Yoga & Ashtanga classes plus 1:1 private lessons, team building yoga & yoga for athletes

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it's a lifestyle...

Through practicing Yoga I feel GREAT and EMPOWERED and I want to share that feeling with you through my classes.  Yoga is a lifestyle that doesn't stop when your mat is rolled up at the end of class.  

The sanctuary that it provides you and the energy that it creates within you will radiate out into the rest of your life; improving relationships, providing clarity and encouraging you to live a life full of gratitude and renewed consideration for the world that surrounds you. 

Join me to learn more about the ancient yoga practice that derives from the East and how it can be used to create great energy in your body and mind.




My name is Luma Zaki and I am a Power Yoga, Ashtanga and Yoga for athletes Instructor. I have developed a mixture of the ancient yoga practice from the East with a modern twist from the West.

The aim of my yoga classes is to invoke your inner abundance and beauty. I also incorporate Facial Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda health and food tips into my classes.

All of my yoga classes are designed to cleanse, tone and detox your body to make you SHINE! background.png

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Have a look at the beautiful venue where I teach my classes on a Monday, Wednesday  each week.

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Hot power yoga flow or holistic yoga flow, you decide which you would like to choose or come to both!

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Immerse yourself in the Wellness Hub to truly live the 'yoga lifestyle'. Retreats, holistic health and other useful resources.

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